सहभागी व्हा

You too can motivate the author in you and contribute articles in Swayam Prerit. The articles so contributed, if approved by the Editorial Board will be published in Swayam Prerit, with due credits to the author.

The following rules are to be followed while submitting articles / poems etc.

1) The content should be relevant and informative.

2) Literary articles conveying moral stories / social messages are acceptable.

3) Business related / Sector Specific articles are welcome

4) Articles on other topics such as women empowerment / health / education / societal issues are welcomed.

5) This is your platform, use your writing skills, do not copy paste work of others.

6) Typed articles in Marathi should be emailed to swayamsiddhafoundation@gmail.com

7) Articles spreading hatred, blind faith, animosity on the basis of gender, caste, creed, race, religion, nationality etc should be avoided.

8) If you are a better writer and can contribute your own articles on regular basis (eg. Weekly / fortnightly etc), we can provide a special section for such authors and credit will be given to such authors.

9) Use app such as Speech Texter for “voice to text” in Marathi if you are not comfortable in typing.

10) Select one topic each (for eg. Health, Yoga, Cookery, Business, Education, Finance, etc) and contribute articles.

11) If the articles are obtained from other sources / internet, do not forget to give credit to the original authors and provide us the link from where the article is obtained.

12) The Editorial Board of Swayamsiddha Foundation reserves right to approve/reject any article.

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